5 Animal Medical Qigong


Metal/Tiger - Lungs

Tiger is related with the metal element. It squeezes out the lungs are related with the emotion of grief. Tiger transforms grief into courage and happiness. It has strong downward movements of the metal element. It strengthens and stretches the shoulders, grip strength, legs, bones and posture.


Wood/Monkey - Liver

Monkey is related to the element of wood in the 5 Elements which is related to anger. Monkey transforms anger through playful movements into forgiveness and joy. It also stretches and strengthens the neck, shoulders and back as well as healing for the eyes.

5 Animal Qigong is over 2000 years old and the first Medical Qigong system every created. It is a Complete Medical Qigong System, Five Animal Qigong is the most ancient dynamic Qigong system created by the famous Chinese Medicine practitioner, Hua Tou (110-207 A.D.). Hua Tou is known as the Father of Chinese Medicine. The five animals are the fierce and untamed tiger, the graceful deer, the steady and lumbering bear, the agile monkey and the flying crane.

This is a classical system different to most 5 Animal Qigong forms taught anywhere. This set was passed down through a monk from China and not publicly taught. The differences you will see in this 5 Animal Qigong in contrast to the forms commonly taught publicly is the deeply dynamic nature of these and the incredible amount of depth they offer. It integrates meridians, acupuncture points, the five organs and bone Qi.

5 animal qigong

Earth/Bear – Spleen

The Bear movements are solid and rooted into the earth as this is related to the Earth Element and the spleen. Bear strengthens digestion and elimination. Bear strengthens and stretches the legs with deep stances, grip and finger strength and strong bending lateral movements. Bear helps release worry and anxiety bringing the feeling of support of nurturing.


Water/Deer - Kidneys & Bladder

Deer's movements are flowing like water as this is related to the water element. Some are deep and low while others are high, but all are graceful. Deer strengthens the kidneys which helps improve libido, courage and will power. It also helps relieve lower back pain.

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Fire/Crane – Heart

Crane movements are expansive and rising like the element of fire. It opens up the chest and pumps the heart. It helps to calm you, bringing you feelings of peace and tranquility. It relieves tight shoulders and chest as well as strengthens the legs and back.

Each animal is related to one of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. Each element has an associated emotion, meridian system and organ system. The 5 Animal Qigong was designed as a Medical Qigong system to heal disease bring balance to emotions and body.

This Qigong form is practiced by people from all walks of life from people with difficult to treat illnesses, professional athletes, yogis, massage therapists to add a powerful modality to their work, high powered entrepreneurs for increased focus and balance, and the average “Joe” just like you and me. It can help athletes achieve peak performance through powerful movements that not only strengthen and loosen up the body, but bring elasticity, flexibility, suppleness and more.

There are a total of 5 Qigong Forms and each one has 4 different variations so there are a total of 20 Qigong forms in the complete set of this 5 Animal Qigong. In our 2 week intensives and teacher trainings we teach 10 forms total.

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