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Become a Certified White Tiger Instructor with the Most Advanced & Comprehensive Qigong Program in Asia

For over five millennia, dedicated students and masters of Qigong have learned to improve their physical, mental, and emotional states...

7 new ways to biohack your diet and exercise 

Also known as transhumanism, biohacking is a spectrum of practices that aim to elevate human health, performance, and intelligence through...
people qigong

Biohacking guide: what is it and why is it popular? 

Like adding oat milk to your coffee or brushing your teeth with activated charcoal, biohacking is another wellness trend you’ve...

How can Qigong and Chinese medicine help depression? 

Depression impacts an estimated 300 million people globally — a number that’s increased 18 per cent from 2005 to 2015....

Self-care for anxiety: 5 natural stress treatments

Anxiety, often marked by intense and persistent fear or worry, can make even the most mundane moments of everyday life...
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Visit Italy: 5 Element & 8 Trigram Qigong Training Event

The most comprehensive and advanced Qigong training program in Europe. White Tiger Qigong is a pioneering form of Qigong, founded...

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