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Shedding my identity

The 3 Stages Of Shedding Your Identity

“When I let go of who I am I become who I might be.” -Lao Zi “Who are you?” My...
Qigong Online Teacher Training

New Online Qigong Intensive and Teacher Training Course

In these unprecedented times of lockdowns and a life-changing pandemic, our world has dramatically changed. Besides practicing Qigong, there is...
grounding qigong

Qigong for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Can Qigong be used for Coronavirus? Yes, Qigong can and is being used for Coronavirus right now even by hospitals...
8 Trigram Organ Qigong Keenan and Natalia

How to Decide Which Qigong Style to Practice

I receive many emails and messages asking how do I decide which Qigong style to practice? They ask, what is...
Crane Qigong of the 5 Animal Qigong

Crane Soars and Descends Qigong

Crane Soars and Descends Qigong from White Tiger Qigong's 5 Animal Qigong Instructions Bring your back leg behind you, straightening...

Become Fluent in 5 Animal Qigong Practices with the White Tiger Qigong Intensive in Asia

In today’s world of big cities and digital landscapes, it can seem as if we have lost the ways of...

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