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First Ever White Tiger QiGong
Workshop in Southern California

Date of Event

April 26 - April 28th


Irvine, Southern CA


$200 per person

What is QiGong

Developed by Taoists biohackers over 5000 years, Qigong is an ancient system of movement and breath exercises that cultivates peak physical health and peace of mind. It opens our innate ability to heal, reduces stress and helps to reach our maximum potential. Regular practice helps increases muscle tone and flexibility, as well as cultivates a sense of free-flowing energy in the body and a connection to nature.

SoCal White Tiger Qigong combines the innovations of sports science and fascia research with Chinese medicine to create a contemporary take on an ancient mind-body practice.

Please join us for this fusion of ageless wisdom with modern science that gives us the best of both worlds.

What You Will Learn

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    5 Ancient Qigong Forms
  • green-circle
    Meridian Qigong
  • green-circle
    Qigong Fundamentals
  • green-circle
    Introduction to Modern Fascia Research and Its Application to Qigong
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    Anatomy of the Forms
  • green-circle
    Introduction to Chinese Medicine
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    Introduction to Primordial Qigong and more!

Friday April 26th

5:00 - 6:15 pm

Evening Theory Class: What is Qigong

6:30 - 7:30 pm

Evening Practice: 8 Trigram Qigong Form

Saturday April 27th

9:00 - 10:15 pm

Morning Theory Class: White Tiger Qigong and Principles

Morning Practice: 5 Element Qigong Form

12:00 - 2:00 pm

Lunch Break

2:00 - 4:45 pm

Afternoon Theory Class: Meridians and Fascia

Afternoon Practice: 8 Trigram Qigong Form

Sunday April 28th

9:00-11:45 am

Morning Theory Class: Kinetic Chains, Sports Science and Explanation about Forms

Morning Practice: 5 Element Qigong Form

12:00 - 2:00 pm

Lunch Break

2:00 - 4:45 pm

Afternoon Theory Class: Primordial Breath

Afternoon Practice: 5 Element Qigong Form and Review

Natalia Kolesnikova

Natalia is a White Tiger Qigong Instructor, and one of Master Tevia Feng’s most devoted students. Having trained closely with him for several years, she can regularly be seen instructing alongside him on White Tiger Teacher Training courses. Originally from Russia, she now resides in Abu Dhabi where she spends her time teaching Qigong classes and workshops. She also holds a degree in Business and Commerce from Monash University and is a certified Reiki practitioner and NLP Coach. During her free time, Natalia loves to travel the globe in pursuit of new cultures and cuisines.


Our Instructors

keenan Neu

Keenan has been training in competitive martial arts since early childhood. Captivated by movement, he has spent much of his life exploring the limits of the human body through extreme sports, dance, athletics, outdoorsmanship, combat sports and many other modalities. After sustaining an injury five years ago, he shifted his focus to Qigong and the healing arts, in which he found his passion. He is a certified instructor in White Tiger Medical Qigong as well as the Wim Hof method.