Meridians and Diet-Emotional Connections

The ancient Chinese knew a long time ago the direct physical connection between the meridian channels of the body and the emotional state and even the diet. Emotions are recorded in the physical body, especially in the meridian channels. I wrote detailed information about the meridians in an older blog post Meridians and Muscle Fascia. Each meridian feeds a related organ. When there is too much stagnation in a particular meridian, it will then cut off proper circulation from the organ to the body parts that that organ feeds and vice versa.

For example, someone who has a lot of anger or eats a lot of heavy, rich foods may get soreness, tightness in their Gallbladder Meridian. If we look at this from a western perspective, the muscle fascia lines in this area of the body may tighten or knot. As you can see the Gallbladder Meridian flows from the foot, up the side of the body, over the hip, crossing the oblique’s, up the side of the neck and eventually over the head. When someone has excessive anger or eats a lot of heavy, rich foods it may effect the Gallbladder meridian or muscle fascia line that crosses this area of the body. The symptoms could be a tight neck and headaches as we can see the Gallbladder Meridian crosses over the head. What is happening the fascia around the neck is tightening which then pulls on the muscle fascia line going over the head, causing a headache.

Treatment and Healing the Meridians

There are two ways we can treat and heal this area. One is obviously diet, move to less rich and heavy foods. The second way is Meridian Qigong. Through Meridian Qigong, we can stretch and gradually work out the knots that the tightness has created, thus freeing your Qi and circulation throughout your body.

Meridian Qigong Exercises

One Meridian Exercise I like to use comes from the 14 Meridian Qigong Exercises, which are the Heavenly Pillar exercises. These Qigong exercises focus on the neck area. The particular ones I would focus on are Neck Tilts and Twists. Here is an excerpt from my book 14 Meridian Qigong Exercises for Health and Longevity

Meridian Qigong Instructions:

Neck Tilts

With the head centered, breathe in, then tilt your head to the left, breathing out.

Bring your head to center while inhaling, then tilt to the right, exhaling.  Again feel the connection in the muscle fascia from your feet to your neck as you stretch in this exercise.

Meridian Qigong

Neck Twists

Inhale, filling the Dan Tian.

Look left and back over your shoulder while exhaling.  Even stretch your eyes gently, by gently looking to the left.  The mind should be focused on the Yong Quan point (K11) on the left foot.

Bring your head to center, inhaling into the Dan Tian

Turn your head to the right, exhaling.  The mind should be on the Yong Quan point (K11) on the right foot.

Neck Meridian Qigong

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