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Qigong For Fear Online Course

This course helps you learn Ancient Qigong Breathing techniques to release fear to achieve a peaceful mind and body. This course will also reveal how your fear is affecting your organs and overall wellness and what you can do to turn the fear around. This has Qigong Meditation to transform fear into courage and will power.

Qigong for Worry and Anxiety Online Course

In this course, you will get a prescription of deep dynamic Qigong exercises to release anxiety stored in the body. This course will also help you manage your thought, improve the spleen system, better concentration and judgment.

Qigong for Grief and Sadness Online Course

This has Qigong Meditation to calm yourself and take control and how to transform grief into joy and happiness. This course will help you achieve a peaceful state of mind using Fascia, and ancient Daoist qigong to squeeze and wring out negative emotions stored in your body.

Qigong for Stress and Anger Online Course

White Tiger formulated a Qigong Meditation to calm yourself and take control over stress and anger. You will learn how Qigong relates to neuroscience perspectives on emotions. This online course will help you eliminate pent-up toxic emotions from anger and stress and that have been stored in the body, leaving you a renewed mind, peaceful state, and a healthier body.