Insomnia, Sleeping Disorders and Qigong: Sleep Better With Qigong

Are you sleeping OK? Sleep better with specific Qigong exercises.

Many people are suffering from lack of sleep nowadays. Lack of sleep leads to many illnesses, organs don’t function properly, thinking is not clear and can even lead to severe things such as a heart attack. Many people go on sleeping pills, which have further complications and can bring on a host of new problems. Using specific and functional Qigong is a natural solution for sleep problems, insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Sleep and Qigong

Many people suffer from different aches and pains in their body such as lower back pain, muscular pain and so on. Therefore this pain interrupts their sleep. Through specific Qigong exercises such as those particularly found in the 5 Element Qigong and Bagua, these Qigong exercises help reduce pain in the body by brining deep circulation to the lower back and throughout the body through functional movements.

Breathing Qigong For Sleep Disorders

Many people suffer from sleep apnea where they wake up in the middle of the night from not being able to breathe properly. Hyper arousal and the release of cortisol are known factors to interfering with sleep. Deep breathing exercises are shown to reduce cortisol levels from hyper arousal.

Qigong breathing may provide the answer. The deep breathing of the 5 Element Qigong and the Lung Qigong help to open up the air passageways in the body, open the lungs deeply and relax the whole body. In the 5 Element Qigong, if you complete the whole form, each breath is done gently to it’s maximum. The whole form lasts 35-45 minutes. By the time you have completed it, you will have done 35-45 minutes of very deep breathing, opening your lungs to it’s greatest capacity.

Qigong’s Positive thinking and Sleep

Many people have a hard time sleeping because they are focused on worrying thoughts, resentment. Imagery and visualization lead to positive thinking. For example, rooting yourself like a tree in the standing Qigong leads to releasing tensions down into the earth. Using the imagery of caring, love and different spectrums of light to your organs leads to positive thinking.

Focusing your thoughts on these types of things and transforming your negative thinking will transform your attitude and thought patterns into positive ones, allowing you to relax and sleep better.

Use specific Qigong exercises for better sleep. I practice a form called White Tiger Qigong, which targets the lung area. I also teach lung Qigong exercises. These exercises are particularly good at relaxing the body, opening the lungs and transforming negative emotions.



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