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Sarah Divine

Sarah Divine

Sarah Divine


From participating in Master Tevia Feng’s White Tiger Qi Gong teacher training course, I have learnt more about my body’s capabilities than ever before, and challenged myself to reach new heights in terms of endurance, strength, flexibility and opening up the qi flow. I loved the way this course was structured, so that over three weeks we thoroughly covered history, theory, methodology, practice and teaching considerations. Tevia is extremely approachable.

He is a humble, ‘normal’ guy who loves qi gong and loves passing on his knowledge. His passion for what he does is infectious, and it is evident through his character and his interactions that he has practised qi gong assiduously for many years, and knows what he is talking about. Added to that, Tevia is easy to understand and is happy to answer questions and provide clarification. I loved the assistant teacher, too – Aisha Sieburth. She is exceptionally gifted in explaining physiology in a straightforward, understandable manner.

In terms of lasting benefits, I would say I have come away with several practices which at the very least I am using personally for increasing organ health, qi flow & qi cultivation, for better grounding, for better emotional & spiritual health, and for greater body strength, resilience & flexibility. At the most, once I have completed the final requirements of the teacher training, I can bring these benefits to others!

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