Understanding Qi and Qigong

If we want to understand Qigong, we first need to understand Qi. Qi is the energy that exists in the Universe. There are three powers of the Universe: Heaven (Tian), Earth (Di) and Human (Ren), which manifest as Heaven Qi, Earth Qi and Human Qi. All three types of Qi energy interact with each other and seek to stay in balance. Although Human Qi does not have any influence on Heaven Qi and Earth Qi, we can adjust our Human Qi by staying in harmony with these energies. Qigong training practice is a great way to achieve it, as it helps to bring body’s internal circulation (Human Qi) into harmony with nature’s cycles.

Heaven Qi and Earth Qi

Heaven Qi is the most powerful energy that comes from planets and stars. During the day, we absorb this energy from sunshine and at night, we get it from moonlight. It blows with wind, and sheds with rain. Heaven Qi influences Earth Qi, which moves, circulates and spirals in the earth and extends above the surface. It is in the rivers, trees and every living being on the earth. Heaven Qi and Earth Qi strive always to be in balance. This balance is constantly maintained by changes in weather conditions and climate. Any natural disaster on our planet occurs when there is lack of harmony in these energies. When it happens, nature recovers its balanced cycle.

Human Qi

Human Qi is a part of Heaven Qi and Earth Qi, and is affected by both of these Qi energies. Human Qi consists of Original Qi we inherit before we are born, and Acquired Qi that we get from the air we breathe, liquids we drink, and foods we eat. As Heaven Qi and Earth Qi are balanced naturally, we should learn how to fit into their cycles and ensure that our Human Qi circulation always stays in harmony between heaven and earth. This is what Qigong training practice aims to achieve.

Harmonizing Human Qi Circulation with Qigong Training Practice

Qigong training practice helps to strengthen Qi circulation in our body. It allows absorbing more Heaven Qi and Earth Qi and transforming it into Acquired Qi. If you learn how to adjust the flow of your personal Qi and harmonize it with Qigong training practice, then you will be able to use this Qi energy to heal your body and gain longer and healthier life. Mastering Qigong is not only about balancing energy circulation in your body, but also balancing it with nature’s cycles.

Thus, Qigong training practice can help us bring our Human Qi into harmony with Heaven Qi and Earth Qi. Then, all three powers of the Universe will be in balance, which will improve your health and longevity.

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