Warrior Training 101: Master Your Environment

In true warrior training you must be able to become a master of your environment and be able to effectively defend yourself in a variety of situations and environments. Most people I see training these days confine themselves to a gym or spacious dojo.  This is not enough for the warrior in training. How many real fights do you actually think will happen at the gym or dojo? Just training on that perfectly flat surface all the time will make you all too comfortable.

You need to be able to train to defend yourself in a small confined area. Try training in your bedroom. Imagine an attacker has entered your bedroom. You should master this space, after all this is your space. Imagine someone attacks while you are lying down, then what? Know how to react. Sit in your chair or sofa; rehearse what you will do. Then go to the living room; know how to use your combinations in the living room. Know how to navigate around the tables, sofas, etc. all while continuously moving and using your combinations. Maybe you need to adjust your steps, or your kicks to avoid the sofa or the TV, what about kitty? Do this until you feel confident in this area, and master it.

Next, go to the hallway as it is often a narrow space and more difficult to train in. The kitchen is a great spot too. There are a variety of weapons that are at your disposal if needed. Know where they are by heart.

If you are in a hotel room, it is also a great space to train in, as it may be small with many different things to avoid.

If you are familiar with all the possibilities given that environment you will have a significant advantage over your opponent. Know where the door is, how to escape and how not to be backed into a corner. This is where Baguazhang combat circle walking training comes in real handy.

Train on the grass. It has a totally different feel. Master the grass. Then take it up a notch and master a slippery surface. You must think, how do you adjust your techniques so you don’t slip and fall? How can you use this to your advantage against your opponent?

Try a hill, then try the forest. It is more difficult to do stepping methods that worked in the gym with fallen trees, rocks and uneven surfaces. If you don’t train like this and only train in the gym then you will be a fish out of the water giving a huge advantage to anyone who is experienced.

The next question is when to begin this various training regiment. First you need to get the combination you are going to master down pat. Once you have created a habit and can fight effectively with it on a flat surface then start changing environments.

Gradually make it more and more difficult. For example don’t go from a gym straight to the forest. It is too much too quick. First go to your lawn or a field. Then go to the hill. Then begin to make it more difficult, but only once you master that surface. Master one environment at a time. The warrior who has mastered a variety of environments is likely to be the superior fighter and will have an enormous edge.

In my warrior training program I train my students in a variety of environments and spaces. to push them to the next level. We go to rivers, hills, bedrooms, living rooms, lawns, forests, hills, mountains and even beaches. Every terrain is different and takes adjustments to the position, attacks and defences as well as what you can pull your opponent into.

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