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What Are The 5 Elements?


The dynamic 5 Element Qigong is associated with a different internal organ and related meridian. Each animal form works to heal and bring into balance the internal organs and the meridians of the body. Each animal represents a different element of the 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine.

Level 1: Body Mastery (Jing)

This Course Includes:

  Checkpoint Manuals: Detailed guides for each exercise to ensure you’re on the right path.

  5 Core Qigong Exercises: Master these foundational techniques for body alignment and energy flow.

  Animated Checkpoint Videos: Visual aids to help you understand key aspects of each exercise.

  Untold History of Qigong: Dive into the controversial and lesser-known aspects of Qigong history.

  The Three Treasures & Harmonies: Understand the core principles that underpin Qigong practice.

  Neuroscience Meets Qigong: Learn how modern neuroscience aligns with ancient practices.

  Breathing Techniques: Discover secret breathing methods tailored for this specific Qigong form.

  5-Element Meditation: Align your body and mind through specialized meditation practices.

  Healing Sounds: Master the six healing sounds for holistic well-bein

  PDF Manuals & Recorded Masterclasses: Comprehensive resources for your learning journey.

  Interactive Quizzes: Test your knowledge and reinforce your learning.

Level 2: Breath Dynamics (Qi)

This Course Includes:

  Fascia & Qi Connection: Explore the intricate relationship between fascia and Qi in Qigong.

  Sports Science Integration: Understand how modern sports science enhances your Qigong practice.

  Kinetic Chains & Qi Flow: Learn the mechanics of kinetic chains and their role in Qi circulation.

  Qi Sensitization: Techniques to help you tangibly feel and manipulate Qi.

  Customizable Teaching Rubrics: Create your own teaching aids for self-directed learning.

  Animated Exercise Videos: Step-by-step animated guides for all exercises.

  Downloadable PDF Manuals: Comprehensive guides to supplement your learning.

  Recorded Masterclasses & Q&A: Access to expert insights and answers to your questions.

Level 3: Spiritual Depth (Shen)

This Course Includes:

  Neuroscience & Qigong: Uncover the scientific basis for the spiritual aspects of Qigong.

  5 Elements & Spirituality: Explore the spiritual dimensions of each of the 5 Elements in Qigong.

  Elemental Spirits: Deepen your understanding of the unique spirit associated with each of the 5 Elements.

  Downloadable PDF Manuals: In-depth guides to enrich your spiritual journey in Qigong.

  Recorded Masterclasses & Q&A: Gain expert insights and have your questions answered by masters in the field.

Level 4: Prescription Qigong

An East-Meets-West Healing Approach

  Integrated Frameworks: Combine modern sports medicine, including fascia science, with ancient Chinese Medicine principles for a holistic healing approach.

  Cutting-Edge Prescription: Utilize a modern, evidence-based process rooted in ancient Qigong practices to address a range of health issues.

  Targeted Healing: Effectively alleviate chronic fatigue, body pain (low back, neck, shoulder, wrist), and adrenal burnout.

  Emotional Balance: Manage and mitigate excessive emotional states such as stress, anger, grief, and sadness.

  And Much More: Experience the expansive healing potential of this unique, integrative approach.




  Take the opportunity to be mentored by a certified instructor.  You will receive weekly video analysis feedback, study advice and much more.

  Take the opportunity to be mentored by a certified instructor.  You will receive weekly video analysis feedback, study advice and much more. 

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Tevia Feng

Master Instructor

Having started Qigong, martial arts, and meditation training at the age of 7, he’s spent his life traveling the world studying a variety of Qigong styles under a variety of masters.
Throughout his journey, he has met many Qigong masters around the world, acquiring rare skills, from unique breathing techniques and exercises to delving into the heart of Qi energy. Each master has shaped the Qigong training he teaches today.
Committed to spreading the power of Qigong, Tevia has created some of the most comprehensive and advanced Qigong instructionals released online today.
Tevia is considered one of the top 3 Qigong instructors in Indonesia. From around the globe, Qigong practitioners, professional healthcare workers, fitness enthusiasts, bio-hackers, and spiritual seekers all sign up to learn his unique East-meets-West approach to health and longevity.

Sarah Divine

Senior White Tiger Qigong Instructor

Sarah is a White Tiger Qigong senior instructor with a master's degree in sport & exercise science, based in Adelaide, Australia.

In 2010, Sarah’s quest for personal development, wellness, and longevity practices led her to Taoist Medical Qigong.

Since then, she has been a dedicated practitioner, instructor, and assistant to Master Tevia Feng, spending close to 1,000 hours at his teacher training intensives.

Sarah’s goal is to continue her practice and research into Qigong while sharing its transformational benefits with the world.

Chris Kummer N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor & Fascia Expert

Chris Kummer is a world-renowned anatomy teacher, fascia expert, yoga teacher, and naturopathic doctor. He has traveled the world teaching anatomy and fascia in movement to teachers for over 20 years. He is the creator of White Tiger Qigong’s Trinity System Fascia Online Course.


Matthew Jessner

Matthew has completed the teacher training qualifications for Level III White Tiger Qigong for the 5 Element, 8 Trigram, and 5 Animals (Autumn and Winter Roads). His experience in the physical arts includes an extensive career as a performer in Classical and Contemporary Dance, Musical Theatre, Okinawan Karate, and Shaolin Qi Gong: Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, and 5 Animal Play (Korean version).

Zoe Nash

Acupuncturist & Health Coach

Zoe Nash is an acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner. Since 2001 it’s been her mission to find a way to live a life full of health, vitality and help others to do the same. She has helped hundreds of people get back into health through the wisdom of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and by providing them with lifestyle and diet advice to empower them to back to vitality. She will be teaching the Chinese Medicine applications to White Tiger Qigongs 5 Element Qigong Master Course.

Natalia Kolesnikova

Senior White Tiger Qigong Instructor and Master Reiki Practitioner

For Natalia, Qigong is much more than just physical movement and breathwork; it’s a spiritual practice that focuses on health and wellbeing and brings peace of mind.
Since 2016, Qigong has provided Natalia with many transformational changes. It has helped her feel connection throughout her entire body and to herself and the world around her.
Today she is dedicated to helping others through individual classes, online classes, and group workshops.


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