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White Tiger Qigong for the most advanced, comprehensive Qigong Teacher Training. Maximising human transformation and potential

Discover Your Own Inner Potential Of Body, Breath and Spirit

Qigong is a system of knowledge that comprises at least 5,000 years of human evolution and covers all the fields of human interest. It is officially known in China as the science of human potential and development.

There are many styles of Qigong available so it is important to understand what makes our style unique. White Tiger Qigong are Taoist Qigong exercises that harmonize the body, breath and mind.

White Tiger Qigong's specialty is deep dynamic Qigong which wrings out toxins and emotions out of the organs like sponge and wrings out blockages and emotions out of the meridians like a towel.

White Tiger Qigong Consists of Fascia, Ancient Chinese Medicine and its Applications to Qigong

Specialties include, Longevity Qigong, Medical Qigong, Qigong Breathing, Qigong Meditation, and Qigong based martial arts.

Harmonize Body
master and feng old

Tevia Feng is the Master Instructor and Founder of White Tiger Qigong School

Tevia Feng began martial arts, Qigong and meditation training at the age of 7. He has since devoted his life to evolving this ancient practice through fusing modern science, sports science, neuroscience, fascia and more. He has personally taught thousands of students from around the world, and has taught in various countries around the world including China and the US.

He has worked with people ranging from cancer difficult to treat illnesses as well as professional athletes, ballet dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, yogis, martial artists, hedge fund managers, biohackers and CEO’s.


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eBook 5 Animals

5 Animal Qigong eBook

The first Qigong book of it's kind, the Dynamic 5 Animals Qigong created by the renowned Chinese Medicine Doctor Huo Tuo over 2000 years ago.

There are many 5 Animal Qigong forms out there, but not all are the same. This is the first time this version has ever been released to the public. Plus, inside this one of a kind book you will discover more!


Dynamic 5 Animal

5 Animal Qigong Online Course

40 video lessons and 20 Qigong PDF downloads

The first Qigong online course of it’s kind, the Dynamic 5 Animals Qigong created by the renowned Chinese Medicine Doctor Huo Tuo over 2000 years ago.



Discover the 8 key secrets to live over 100 years old and feel great. Scientists, doctors and Taoists have studied centenarians and their habits for a long time trying to unlock the code to their unusually long lives. This book is about those secrets and provides and action plan to align your habits with these amazing people.