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Megan Ward

Megan Ward

Megan Ward


“Before and after I have been teaching yoga for almost twenty years and during this time I have continued to question, develop my knowledge, and embody the practices to reveal the five pathways of yoga.

The authentic teachers along the way that have shared their wisdom and knowledge have not been sought; rather they appeared and the connection was made. We live in an age where the original teachings of Eastern internal practices has been diluted and distorted. I knew instinctively when I met Tevia that here was a teacher I knew had something precious to share. And he does. Tevia is one of those rare individuals who seek the original teachings with passion, embodies them and then passes these teachings to others.

I learnt White Tiger Medical Qi Gong with Tevia and in doing so he was able to transcend ‘time’ and impart the original essence of these Qi Gong movements to his students. This is rare and in terms of health, longevity, and quality of life it is priceless. The teacher passes the teachings to the student, and it is then up to the students to practice and embody these practices. Thank you Tevia and to all the teachers before you.”

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