Discover Ancient Breathwork Techniques Fused with

Cutting-Edge Science

The White Tiger Breathwork Mastery Course & Teacher Training was created to help you feel great by helping reduce the symptoms of chronic stress so you can reach higher levels of your potential.


How Does Breathwork Work? 

How often are you conscious of your breath? Most of the time, people don’t even realize they’re breathing; it’s an automatic response that keeps us alive! But when we focus our attention on intentional manipulation of the breath, lots of changes happen in the body.
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This Course Will Help...

Improve Mood
Improve Digestion
Improve Digestion
Increase Lung Capacity
Relieve Stress and Trauma
Master the Nervous System

Choose From 4 Levels
of Breathwork

Level 1 - The Foundations

Take a deep dive into the theory, science, and foundations of Qigong breathing.

  • Discover the 8 foundational breathing exercises
  • Theory of Qigong breathing
  • In-depth Anatomy of breathing
  • How to hack your nervous system through breath
  • Control your immune response Restore your health

Purchase today and also get:

Qigong for Worry and Anxiety (Retails for $89.98)

Level 2: Neuroscience

In level two, you’ll dive deeper into more complex Qigong Breathwork techniques and discover the neuroscience of breathing.

  • Includes level 1 and the below…
  • Learn 13 advanced breathing techniques
  • The Neuroscience of Breath by Neuroscientist Dr. Michael Mannino
  • Bi-neural beats to bring your brain waves into a meditative state

Purchase Level 2 and also get:

Qigong for Worry and Anxiety (Retails for $89.98)

Qigong For Back Pain (Retails for: $49.00)

Level 3:Advanced

In this level we explore…

  • Includes levels 1, 2 and the below
  • Be your own doctor and use Qigong Breathing as alternative medicine (no pills needed!)
  • Fuse cutting-edge research from fascia science with traditional Chinese medicine frameworks and apply them to your breathwork practice to create a natural remedy to the symptoms of stress and trauma.
  • The Fascia of the Respiratory System taught by world-renowned fascia expert and anatomy teacher, Chris Kummer. This is an entire course unto itself and is over 3 hours in length.

Purchase Level 3 and also get:

Qigong for Worry and Anxiety (Retails for $89.98)

Qigong For Back Pain (Retails for: $49.00)

Primordial Breath Qigong (Retails for: $99.00)

Trinity System Chinese Medicine (Retails for: $49.00)

Level 4: Master

The Online Teacher Training Masterclass starts on July 6, 2023! This is the path to become a certified White Tiger Qigong Breathwork Facilitator. Educate, inspire and assist others in cultivating a deep healing breathwork practice they can use anytime, anywhere. White Tiger Qigong applies a proven modern teaching system created by professional educators to help you achieve your teaching goals.

  • All Levels (1,2,3 and 4)
  • How to teach Qigong breathing techniques
  • How to teach different size classes
  • Video assessment and final quiz
  • Explore the role of Breathwork Coach as a career
  • Opportunity to become a certified White Tiger Qigong Breathwork Facilitator 

Purchase Level 4 and also get:

Qigong for Worry and Anxiety (Retails for $89.98)

Qigong For Back Pain (Retails for: $49.00)

Primordial Breath Qigong (Retails for: $99.00)

Trinity System Chinese Medicine (Retails for: $49.00)

Choose Your Path and Fulfill
Your Ultimate Potential

One Time


One Time Payment



Pay One Time 

  • Levels 1-4
  • How to Teach Breathwork
  • How to Teach Breathwork
  • Video Assessment

Monthly Payment


for 3 months

  • Everything from Levels 1-3
  • How To Teach Breathwork
  • Video Assessment
  • Opportunity to become a certified White Tiger Qigong Breathwork Facilitator

What Our Students Have to Say

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Eric Brandt

“I chose to take this Medical Qigong Breathwork course, as doing breathwork practices are one of my favorite pathways to deep relaxation and peace within, rejuvenation, vitality, self-knowledge of my inner realities on all levels and a very fun way to explore my higher human potentialities. I've learned and practice a number of breathworks systems and value them immensely. So, teaching them to others is a natural step to sharing these useful tools and experiences.”

Sylwester Organka

“A HUGE thank you goes to Tevia Feng for his guidance and willingness to pass on his VAST knowledge to better the quality of everyone’s life through the practice and teachings of Qigong. This was an incredibly enriching and life-changing experience.”

Doriane Gillet

“Tevia is a one-of-a-kind teacher, and I recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Qi Gong, to improve his/her own practice, or to discover Qi Gong, to participate in one of Tevia’s training sessions. He has accumulated a lot of knowledge from highly respected masters throughout the years, and it is a real honor to receive some of these teachings.”

David Wilson

“Tevia is, without doubt, a gifted master, whose passion and dedication to his chosen path, including his commitment to constantly refine and deepen his practice, is infectious. His knowledge, patience, openness, and approachability, combined with his groundedness and humbleness, make him, in my opinion, an exceptional teacher who I hold with only the highest regard. I leave our time spent together as a more well-rounded individual, and I look forward to continuing and developing my studies with him in the future.”

Dawn Dagres

Holistic Consultant Dog Grooming on Wheels

"Since I started doing this Breathwork Mastery Course and Teacher Training, as well as the exercises if you’re going, it takes me into a deeper state of consciousness which route is releasing the cellular memory in my body. My intent is to heal the broken bone in my back, it’s taking me into deeper levels of my subconscious mind which are releasing the consciousness of the fears, my belief systems and the triggers it’s bringing me into a state of harmony that is opening the inner alchemy within the master. The universal being within my reality is beginning to change in this dynamics, so I’m grateful for the continual growth in the expansion, as each step takes me deeper, the breath, and work is such important factor that is the only way to know the experiences.. in a multi-dimensional reality is to experience it and make it a part of your life.."


Meet Your Breathwork Instructors

Tevia Feng

Master Instructor

Natalia Kolesnikova

Senior White Tiger Qigong Instructor

Sarah Divine

Senior White Tiger Qigong Instructor

Matthew Jessener

Senior White Tiger Qigong Instructor

Chris Kummer N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor & Fascia Expert

Professor Dr. Michael Manino

Neuroscientist PHD.

Why Breathwork?

While Breathwork has become a trendy topic in fitness and wellness circles as of late, it’s nothing new.

People have been practicing breathwork for thousands of years, specifically ancient cultures in China, India, Japan, and Tibet.

Adopting various ancient breathing techniques is one of the best solutions for balancing the mind and body and maintaining good health.


How Does Breathwork Work?

  • You stimulate the vagus nerve sending messages to your brain that suppress the sympathetic nervous system and ramp up the parasympathetic nervous system, jump-starting your relaxation response. This can decrease the heart rate, dilate blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, improve sleep, and other symptoms related to stress.
  •  You activate brain regions beyond the brain stem, releasing endorphins (feel-good chemicals), improving moment-to-moment awareness, heightening attention, bringing emotional balance, and increasing focus.
  •  You induce intermittent hypoxic states (the reason pro athletes train in the mountains) that improve your ability to take oxygen in and move it into the bloodstream, resulting in greater aerobic capacity and endurance performance.

And much more!
Ready to breathe better and feel better?

Master Qigong Breathwork with Tevia Feng's Comprehensive Online Course

Breathwork is at the core of every Qigong practice.

Just as you move in many different ways, you should breathe in many different ways.

That’s why we’ve put together the most comprehensive and in-depth Qigong Breathwork online course available in English.

Inside this course, you find the culmination of many years of work in Qigong Breathing in conjunction with sports science experts, neuroscientists, and education experts to provide a university-style curriculum.

Discover over 20 different breathing techniques, each hand-selected by White Tiger Qigong Master Instructor Tevia Feng.

After decades of practice, these ancient breathing techniques are what he’s found to have the biggest impact on healing, transformation, self-awareness, and unlocking maximum levels of human potential.

Altogether, the course is made up of 4 levels. You'll build your skill in sequential order, adding more tools to your breathwork course as you progress, creating a compounding effect on your knowledge.

Have questions about the Qigong Breathwork Master Course?

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