Calm Your Emotional Mind with Qigong Training Practice

“(When) large Dao is taught, first stop thought; when thought is not stopped, (the lessons are) in vain.” – Daoist Society


Our mind is our powerful instrument. Learn to be its master. Learn to control it. It is not possible to truly practice Qigong when you cannot stay calm and relaxed. That is why the emphasis of Qigong training practice is on calming the emotional mind. For that, go deep into your mind and observe your thoughts as they are coming through. You may notice that our six senses are the causes of our different emotions. If you learn how to turn off your emotions, you will be able to tune into your inner being i.e. your natural state of being calm and relaxed. Master to be in this state of mind and the results will exceed all expectations. It will not only improve your Qigong training practice, but also your overall quality of life.

Synchronizing Three Treasures

If we are constantly caught in thinking, our emotions control us. This results in an agitated state of mind. Negative emotions tend to accumulate in our main organs. This affects the circulation of Qi energy in our body. To be able to control the flow of Qi energy and direct it freely, we need to first practice to calm down our emotional mind.

When we are calm, three Qigong treasures that help us to stay youthful are synchronized. Mind (Shen) is clear, physical body (Jing) is healthy, and Qi energy is fresh and flowing freely. This is the ideal balanced state that we should always aim to achieve.

Calming the Emotional Mind

When you are just starting your Qigong training practice, you may find it hard at the beginning to stop the flow of all your thoughts. But, as you go deeper into the practice, you will notice that you are becoming more skillful at quieting your mind. To help you at the beginning of your journey, here are some simple methods of stopping your thoughts:

  • Origin and Stop method

Use your intention (Yi) to control the emotional mind. As your thoughts appear, just observe them as they come and go. Look at each thought as if it is a weed in your garden. Pluck it out before it grows really big.

  • Look at your Nose

Simply look at the tip of your nose, and take notice of how all your thoughts stop.

  • Dan Tian focus

Focus your intention at lower Dan Tian and feel the movement of Qi energy there. This helps you to calm your mind.

There are many other techniques to quiet the emotional mind, which you can learn more deeply at our White Tiger Qigong training workshops.

Be the Artist of Your Life

To sum up, you need to continuously practice to master your mind. Regular Qigong trainings are a great way to achieve that. If you can control your thoughts and emotions, you can enhance the quality of your life. Then, you become an artist who consciously creates a masterpiece.

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