Deer Qigong for Water – Kidneys and Courage

The deer is connected to the kidneys. In the 5 Elements, the element is water. The emotion of fear is the emotion of that element. The deer can be fearful and cautious, but when it is using its power, it has amazing willpower, grace and ease.

Balancing the Emotions of the 5 Elements:

To balance fear, we need courage and calm. The deer is alert and aware of danger. It has a good system of warning fellow deer of danger by wagging its tail in a certain way. It is also very fast and can run long distances. It is calm and confident in its abilities to be alert to danger and outrun predators.

Deer Level II -缩脖鹿 Suo Bo Lu—Deer Peeks Its Head


Body: Step out with the left foot in front, bringing the right hand around in front of your face.

The back is bent forward, but not arched. The back of the left hand is on the Ming Men, touching at the Da Ling point.

Staying focused on the Lao Gong point of your hand, extend your neck gently, then bring it back to normal, then once again extend it gently to make 2 repetitions.

Turn the left arm outwards, while rotating the right arm and circling it behind you and rotating the left arm in front of you, repeating the same process on the opposite side.

Qigong Breathing Instructions: As you bring the hand behind and one in front, breathe in and hold the breath, then move the neck while holding the breath, before breathing out and moving the hands.

Spirit: Have you ever seen a deer stretch its neck to take a peek for danger or out of curiosity? Feel its curiosity, yet at the same time its cautiousness. The Deer always feels light on its feet and graceful.

Anatomical and Physiological Benefits: Fascia/Anatomy

Deer Level II stretch, strengthen, and lengthen the neck. Clear front and back mobility creates more space and fluid movement of the neck. This is especially good for people with neck problems, and those spending time with their heads angled at a computer.

The Deer in 5 Animal Qigong really works the kidneys, but also goes a whole lot deeper. The deer is connected to sexual vitality, since it is known to sit on its perineum, which is the pump for the opening and closing of sexual energy.

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Chinese Medicine Relationship:

The Deer is good for the Governing and Conception Vessel through the dynamic motion that goes through the spine.

Meridians/Acupuncture Points Targeted:

The movements of the Deer open up various meridians along the legs, including the bladder meridian, and work on the Ming Men Point and Xuan Shu Point.

Other beneficial functions:

  • Strengthens the lower back
  • Alleviates diarrhea and indigestion

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