Four Gate Qigong Breathing Practice

Four Gate Qigong Breathing has been widely used throughout the history in China for different purposes of Qigong practice. In martial Qigong – for energizing the hands and feet for martial power. In Outgoing Qigong – for drawing the Qi energy to the Two Gates i.e. palms and fingertips for outgoing healing and greater ability to sense the patient’s energy. In Medical Qigong, this breathing practice is used to promote a circulation of the Qi energy through the meridians and the body for healing and energizing purposes. Regardless of what Qigong you are practicing, you can benefit from this breathing technique by doing it on its own or together with other Qigong forms and movements.


Four Gates


Four Gates are palm centers (Lao Gong points) and the centers on the bottom of the feet (Yong Quan points). The Yong Quan points are also known as the “Bubbling Wells”, as it is believed that the Qi is flowing from them like water from a well. By regulating the Qi circulation to these four gates, we can improve our mental and physical health.


Four Gate Breathing Practice Instructions


Four Gate Qigong breathing practice can be done when you are lying down, sitting or standing. If you prefer sitting position, sit on the edge of the chair or put your legs straight out in front of the body. Legs should not be crossed, as this can prevent a free circulation of the Qi.


Once you are in a comfortable and relaxed position, you can start the practice. Do few breaths through your nose using normal abdominal breathingexpand your abdomen while inhaling and pull it in when exhaling. Once you are comfortable with this practice, you can try doing it with reverse abdominal breathing.


Focus your attention on the lower Dan Tian and visualize four gates on your palm centers and the centers on the bottom of the feet. On the inhale, imagine the Qi energy moving in through your palms and, at the same time, through the soles of your feet up the meridian pathways (inner side of the arms and legs) and then merging in the lower Dan Tian. On the exhale, imagine the Qi flowing back from the lower Dan Tian all the way to the palms and the soles of your feet.


This practice is great to do before going to sleep. Simply count your breaths until you fall asleep and wake up in the morning feeling energy vibrations in the Dan Tian and limbs.


Four Gate Breathing for Removing Energy Stagnation 

We can also combine Four Gate Qigong Breathing with various Qigong movements. This will make the practice more powerful. It will also help to remove blockages and energy stagnation that we have in our body by pumping the Qi through the meridian pathways through pulsing. To learn more about it, you can relate to the article we have posted about Removing Energy Stagnation with Pulsating Qi Energy.

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