Modern Fitness Programs VS White Tiger Qigong Training

In today’s world, we can see an increase in the number of people, who want to be fit and healthy. Aa a result of this, there is also a rise in the supply of various fitness programs. If you just type “become fit” in Google, you will see numerous of websites offering various fitness workouts, advices, steps and guides. Although these programs can help you to stay fit, they might not have the same great impact on your overall health due to their sole focus on muscles.

Modern Fitness Programs –  A Missing Element

Whether you choose a program of becoming fit at home or exercising at the gym, you will be mainly focusing on energizing the muscles through weights, running, jumping, and so on. So, the main emphasis of all modern workouts nowadays is to increase our heart rate and push us to become stronger. There is no doubt that such constant trainings will result in a fit and beautiful body. However, one significant thing that all of them are lacking is an internal fitness of the body, which is much more complex. To stay healthy, it might not be enough to just train our muscles. We should also take care of our organs, bones and fascia. This is what differentiates Qigong training practice from all these modern programs – an integrity between internal fitness of the body and fitness of the muscles.

White Tiger Qigong – A Truly Complete Training Program

White Tiger Qigong training practice puts a great emphasis on internal fitness, which is the fitness of the organs, meridians, bones, fascia, breath and spirit. It offers a fully integrated system of forms and movements that involve and strengthen every part of our body from the surface to the core. While practicing Qigong, we are not just energizing our muscles, we are engaging the mind, the body and the breath as one for healing and transformation purposes. We are squeezing all the toxic energy that resides inside us and filling our organs and meridians with fresh healing Qi.

If you practice Qigong properly, you can immediately see great results. The training will positively affect your health, your mood and your performance. Though maintaining a balance within ourselves, we are creating a new life, where we can reach our highest potential.

The Choice Is Up to You

It is up to you to choose what training you prefer. We are not encouraging everyone to switch to Qigong. In fact, if you are an athlete, yogi, martial artist, dancer or businessmen looking for ways to enhance your existing performance or improve your health and well-being, you can practice Qigong along with other forms of trainings. This way, you can receive additional benefits and bring a whole new richness to your practice and life.

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