Qigong for Grief and Sadness

Struggling with Grief and Sadness? Discover Healing Through Qigong to Transform Your Life.

Qigong for Grief and Sadness


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This course includes:
  17 Video Lessons
  Guided Meditations
  MP3 Downloads
   Forever Access


  • Overcome grief and sadness in a healthy and sustainable way
  • Improve overall well-being, sleep, and mood
  • Build resilience and strengthen the nervous system
  • Learn skills to transform toxic emotions into courage and willpower

 What You'll Learn

  • Specific deep breathing techniques to release grief and sadness
  • Ancient dynamic movements, visualization, and meditation techniques to build resilience and transform toxic emotions into courage and willpower.
  • How to strengthen the nervous system and improve cognitive function.
  • The connection between emotions, stress, and physical health according to Chinese Medicine.


This online Qigong course offers a prescription of deep, dynamic Qigong exercises, Qigong meditation, and Qigong deep breathing exercises specifically designed to release grief and sadness, leaving you feeling happier and healthier. The course includes videos, anatomy and Chinese Medicine connections of the exercises, and cutting-edge science based on fascia and neuroscience. Instructors include a Master Instructor and Founder of White Tiger Qigong, a Chinese Medicine practitioner, an anatomy teacher, and experienced Qigong and Yoga teachers.

This course includes:

  • 17 video lessons with detailed instructions and demonstrations
  • 2 guided Qigong meditation sessions
  • Downloadable MP3's
  • Access to a private online community for support and guidance
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and updates

  Course Structure

Total time: 1 Hour 6 Minutes

Bonuses / Extras

  • Exclusive access to a bonus Qigong exercise video
  • Printable Qigong exercise guide


Thanh Van

Chris Kummer

Aisha Sieburth

Zoe Nash

Tevia Feng


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I recommend this course to everyone that wants to move on with their lives but a tragic incident in the past doesn't let them "open their wings''. I was familiar with the 6 healing sounds practice from Mantak Chia but how it is presented on the course is way more helpful and fun, in my opinion of course. Except for the joyful mental benefits, I experienced a stronger spine (had some lower back pain in the past and now it has disappeared) and my wrists became much stronger.

Evangelos Thrapsimis