Qigong raises your frequency

What kind of a role could qigong exercises play in your life? How could they improve the quality of your life? How could they indirectly improve your relationships, your diet, and the environment in which you spend your time? How could you make health and wellness naturally flow into your life?

Nikola Tesla said:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Happy feelings, healthy food, nature, wellness. These have one thing in common. Their frequency is high.

Matter, thoughts and feelings have their vibrations. Everything is vibration, energy, light. Even matter is light with a frequency.

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Your energy is contagious. Your energy naturally seeks other people, events and things that are of the same vibration. Be in low vibration and you naturally seek catastrophe, misfortune and pain. Be in high vibration and your feet naturally walk to vaults full of diamonds, peaceful sanctuaries, or a paradise full of fruit and berries.

People’s moods are simply various frequencies. Learn this. Learn to recognize this. Learn awareness of your current vibration. Listen to your current inner tone. And understand that at any given moment you can increase your frequency. This can be done either with the body or the mind. Work on one, and the other consequently rectifies itself. What I would recommend, though, is to start with the body. It is easier to observe the current state and posture of your body than to examine the mind. Your current posture explains a lot about your current inner world as well.

When you notice that your tone is low, step back. Go and rest. Go and eat healthy food. Enjoy it. Go for a walk in the woods. Hug a tree. Go for a walk on the beach. Let your mind be free. Do not cling to thought. When you speak, speak positive words. Write down your vision of your future. Draw your dream life on paper. Envision yourself healthy and full of flowing life force.

Breathe in good energy. Breathe deep. Go and do energy work to raise your frequency. Qigong is literally energy work. When your vibration is low, qigong helps you get back up. Remember that qigong is all about symmetry and balance. If your life is a mess, qigong naturally brings symmetry and order into every aspect of your being.

When you feel down, the exercises you do can be the simplest exercises. You don’t need a complicated form to uplift your being. Gather qi with your hands. Take a simple bow. Do a gentle twist. Roll a qi ball in your hands. Wherever you are at the moment, qi is plentiful. Qi is right there.

Once you have restored enough of your energy, carry on with your day. Go to your next meeting in high vibration.

Learn this. Do this. And repeat all this over and over.


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