What Is Qigong?


Qigong is a coordinated system of body movement, breath, and meditation that is used to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The ancient practice harnesses over 5,000 years of knowledge and stems from traditional Eastern philosophy and medicine. By cultivating and balancing ‘qi’ (life energy), deep personal development and attainment of maximum human potential are possible.

There are several types of Qigong. These types embody several forms and exercises that serve specific or general purposes. Each type and form can be used to improve your physical, spiritual, and mental health.

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What is White Tiger Qigong?


There are hundreds of different Qigong systems, each focusing on different areas of well-being. White Tiger is a direct continuation of a classical Taoist Qigong lineage and combines mobility, mindfulness, and neurohacking to safely and powerfully maximize the potential of the body, mind, and spirit through in-person and online events, immersions, and courses.

The unique fusion of traditional training methods with modern scientific anatomy and sports science has enabled White Tiger Qigong to integrate the new and the old world like never before.

Our training methods are carefully and well thought out. Whether you are young or old, physically fit or disabled, we have a plan for everyone that allows you to benefit from Qigong practice.


Build core strength & prevent injury. With Qigong practice, you can heal the body of existing illnesses both internally and externally. You can also prevent the development of further illnesses.


Cultivate mental & emotional balance. Discover the immense power of the breath. Learn how to control your emotions through the application of various breathing techniques.


Reach your maximum potential through neurohacking practices. Learn how to achieve a oneness of mind. Unite your body and mind and remain as one.

Experience the Trinity System of White Tiger Qigong

White Tiger Trinity


Dive into the powerful and transformative practices of the Trinity System, designed to optimize your physical and mental potential while deepening your spiritual connection.

Whether you are new or old to this practice, there is a system that you can adapt to easily without worries of complications or setbacks.


8 Trigram Qigong

Discover the ancient wisdom of the I Ching and its 8 Trigrams, and learn powerful Qigong exercises to strengthen and heal your organs. Experience the interconnectedness of your body and mind, promoting overall well-being and vitality. Learn how to improve your concentration and intentions during practice. Discover the skills of energy grounding and how to massage your internal organs rhythmically.

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5 Element Qigong

Our 5 Element Qigong online course is extensive and thoughtfully put together for medical benefits. Learn and master how to overcome negative emotions as well as control them. Embark on a journey through the five elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - and learn to balance and harmonize your internal energy system.

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5 Animal Qigong

This online course is one of the most advanced and comprehensive 5 Animal Qigong Courses. Learn about the symbolism of the five animals in Qigong practice, what they represent, and the benefits associated with each one. Use this knowledge to heal your body from illnesses and balance your body and emotions through your Qigong practice.

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Why Choose White Tiger Qigong


With White Tiger’s unique blend of traditional techniques and modern science, you’ll unlock the secrets to a healthier, more balanced, and fulfilling life.

  • Enhanced Immune System Function
  •  Increased Mental Clarity And Focus
  •  Greater Mobility And Flexibility
  •  Boosted Sexual Energy And Vitality
  •  Emotional Balance And Stability
  •  Peak Physical And Mental Performance
  • Deep, Restorative Sleep
  • A Calm And Regulated Mind
  • Improved Digestion And Elimination

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