Snake Qigong for Releasing Worry from the Spleen

In our last three blog articles, we discovered the Dragon Qigong and how it is good for relieving lower back pain and also fear from the kidneys, the Tiger Qigong, which helps to open tight shoulders, chest, strengthen the legs and muscles around the knees and relieve grief from the lungs, and the Leopard Qigong, which is a…

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Qigong For Trauma

From a psychological perspective, trauma is defined as an experience that the mental psyche cannot integrate as it exceeds the capacity of the one who experiences it to absorb it. It is as if the traumatic event short circuits the psyche. The psyche freezes on the trauma, mercerized by the violence, unable to process it…

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Differences Between Qigong and Tai Chi

Tai Chi is Qigong but Qigong is not Tai Chi. Tai Chi is one of the 3000 kinds of documented Qigong. Original Tai Chi fits within the Taoist branch of martial Qigong.  Qigong dates back over 5000 years according to many historians while Tai Chi dates back to over 700 years — others argue even…

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Winner of the Top 15 Qigong Youtube Channels

We are pleased to have been awarded one of the top 15 Qigong Youtube Channels by Feedspot.  The selection was based on Qigong Youtubers that “actively worked to educate, inspire and empower their audience with frequent updates and high-quality videos.” The Qigong Youtube channel rankings were based on the following criteria: Total Youtube channel subscribers, video…

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