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5 element

Integrating the 5 Elements into Your Practice For Longevity and Happiness

Integrating the 5 Elements from Chinese Medicine into your Qigong practice can add a multitude of benefits. In this article...
man meditating sunrise

Womb Breathing Qigong For Deep Relaxation

We are often taught in many healing modalities to breathe a deep breath. What if I told you there is...
3D animation Qigong online course

New Breakthrough- Qigong in 3D Online Course Training

I am really excited to present the 8 Trigram Qigong Master Course with 3D animation and a breakthrough in online...
Spirit image

What Qigong Forms Should I Study?

White Tiger Qigong’s Trinity System is a system that was put together by Tevia Feng. He trained over 50 different...
Coaching Call

9 Benefits of Having an Online Qigong Coach

One of White Tiger Qigong's strengths is that we have a number of amazing, highly trained, and educated Qigong instructors...

Using Chi Nei Tsang to heal Menstrual Symptoms

Healing from the inside out by Titsa Costalas Tapping into the feeling body’s intelligence to address menstrual symptoms is another...

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