Modern Research on Muscle Fascia and its Connection with Qigong

As Qigong goes through a modern evolution, much research has and is being conducted to improve Medical Qigong’s efficacy through using insights from modern medicine and scientific research. As my master told me, he always wished his students would evolve the existing Qigong. This is why I have delved deeply into fascia research. I have…

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5 Reasons to Become a Qigong Teacher

1.Under Supply and Over Demand Of Qigong Teachers There are simply not enough qualified teachers and too many students. This is the best problem possible to have from a teacher’s perspective. The Qigong revolution has begun. It is rising fast and many predict it will become more popular than yoga in the coming years. There…

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Deer Qigong for Water – Kidneys and Courage

The deer is connected to the kidneys. In the 5 Elements, the element is water. The emotion of fear is the emotion of that element. The deer can be fearful and cautious, but when it is using its power, it has amazing willpower, grace and ease. Balancing the Emotions of the 5 Elements: To balance…

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