How Qigong Became the Latest Health Trend

There are widespread rumors saying that Qigong is set to become the latest health trend. In order to understand why one needs to know the basics behind the practice. As CNN’s Leonie Erasmus puts so eloquently: Qigong is all about movement, meditation, and controlled breathing – “the staples of every Qigong session, with the ultimate…

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Energy flow and you: understanding where your qi comes from

Often translated as “vital energy,” Qi (pronounced “chee”) broadly describes the energetic force that composes, connects and sustains all things in the universe. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its healing practices of Qigong and Tai Chi, redirecting and optimizing the flow of Qi opens us to our highest potential for physical, mental, and…

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Ying Tan Qigong Teacher

Qi Gong and Substance Addiction: how the practice can aid recovery

Addiction is an uncontrollable impulse. An impulse that often involves a compelling and irrepressible need to consume a potentially dangerous substance in order to satisfy an immediate pleasure that will calm the spirit, the emotions, and internal tensions. This is a continuous, pathological and destructive path. These substances can include drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or medicines.…

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Mindfulness and breathe control: how are they linked?

We all know that physical exercise can benefit the human body and make us feel good. So why is it that with some forms of movement, such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong, equal emphasis is placed on breathing techniques and breath awareness? What’s breath go to do with maintaining optimum health? It’s a fair…

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Snake Qigong for Releasing Worry from the Spleen

In our last three blog articles, we discovered the Dragon Qigong and how it is good for relieving lower back pain and also fear from the kidneys, the Tiger Qigong, which helps to open tight shoulders, chest, strengthen the legs and muscles around the knees and relieve grief from the lungs, and the Leopard Qigong, which is a…

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Qigong For Trauma

From a psychological perspective, trauma is defined as an experience that the mental psyche cannot integrate as it exceeds the capacity of the one who experiences it to absorb it. It is as if the traumatic event short circuits the psyche. The psyche freezes on the trauma, mercerized by the violence, unable to process it…

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